Cotton Store - SIA MUM

Legally Cotton Store is a entity of company SIA MUM, VAT no. LV42103096380- e-commerce shop for fabric selling.

How was Cotton Store born? 

Cotton Store is a dream coming true with hard work. I have always liked sewing as a type of meditation and designing my own fabrics was a development of this hobby. Cotton Store is a family owned business, runed by middle sister with the help of younger sister. Our support is my husband and the little rascals - my kids. The fabrics are designed everywhere, in the car on the way to school/home, when going out, or just relaxing. We are creative and like to draw, paint, play with watercolors. We also like to use digital design technologies. And we also sew our own clothes, thus when we want a fabric we cannot find in shops, we just create it ourselves. 

Currently Cotton Store is an online fabric store, maybe someday another dream will come true and we'll have a cozy shop in some busy street of capital of Latvia where you could sit on a couch, drink cappuccino and dream of your perfect dress.