Navy nylon zipper coil by the meter


Nylon zipper coil for cutting precise length. It is especially useful when sewing clothing and/or home textile where custom zipper length is required.  

Coil width: 5mm

Total width: 32mm

Textile part 100% polyester.

One unit is 10cm. To buy for example 60cm zipper coil, put 6 units in the basket, and the zipper coil will be cut in one continuous length. 

Please be aware that there might be some color difference between the picture and the actual product due to monitor settings and vision, however, we assure you we have done our best to get the color in the picture as close to the real-life as possible. 



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To make the zipper you also need to buy the slider. 

As an option for comfortable usage zipper upper and lower stops can also be bought and installed. Below you'll find a link to video instructions for building your own zipper. It is really easy! 


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Nylon zipper 5mm